Privacy policy

Interpretation of Basic Concepts

Privacy protection is a summary of any activities or operations carried out by the Operator when processing personal and other data supplied by the users for the Portal, e.g. its retrieving, gathering, recording, organizing, adapting or altering, searching, browsing, regrouping, combining, relocating, using, storing, removing, transferring, providing, disclosing or publishing so to keep the purpose of its processing and to secure its legal protection.

Personal data is information supplied by the User which refers to an identified or identifiable natural person, where such person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, particularly by a general identifier or on the basis of one or more features or attributes that make up a physical, psychological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

Other data is information that doesn´t have the nature of the personal data and is supplied by the User to the Operator.

The personal data controller (the "Operator") is the operator of the Portal


Purpose of the Personal Data Processing

The Operator shall process, i.e. obtain, collect, record, organize, revise, change, search, browse, regroup, combine, move, use, keep, remove, transmit, share, disclose or publish the User personal information on this Portal for the purposes of:

a) Providing further improvements of the Portal services.
b) Advertising, marketing and promotional offers intended for this Portal users.
c) Any communication with users.
d) Statistical surveys on the visits of the sites and their structure.


Scope of the Supplied and Processed Personal Data and Other Data

The Operator shall process, in its database, the following personal data supplied by the User:

a) the User name and surname
b) the User´s birthday
c) the User´s gender
d) the User´s marital status
e) the User´s e-mail address
f) the User´s permanent address, namely the designation of the city or municipality (also referred to as "home town")
g) the User´s place of actual residence, namely the designation of the city or municipality (also referred to as "current city")
h) the User´s job (also referred to as "jobs and company")

Apart from the personal and other data, the Operator shall automatically process the information about the hardware and software of the User's computer, such as IP address, browser type, domain name, registration date, the time that elapsed since the last login, etc.
The User, who intends to disclose the personal data of another user or any other natural person, must not, by so acting, unduly interfere with their privacy rights and rights relating to their personality; such disclosing must not be in conflict with the legitimate interests of the person concerned.
The Operator shall not require and process such users´ personal data that concerns users´ racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in political parties or political movements, trade union membership and data concerning health or sex life of the individual users.
The Operator shall process and store personal and other data supplied by the User by means of electronic devices and in a manner that is consistent with these principles of Privacy Policy and with the Act. No.122/2013 Coll and its change Act No. 84/2014 Coll. as amended (the act on Protection of Personal Data).
The User is aware that its User name, its name, its age expressed in years (not the date of birth), the place of actual residence, its interests, its favorite books, its music, its movies and all the data entered into the section "About Me", the registration date and the time that elapsed since the last login, will be through the Portal accessible to all users, including unregistered users.

Other personal and other data provided by the User are not accessible to other individual users and are used only by the Operator for the purposes pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

Supplying personal data and other data for the Portal or the Operator is on a voluntary basis. However, if the User wants to register on the Portal, it is obliged to provide the required information, which includes its email address, username and password.


User´s Consent to the Processing of Personal and Other Data

The User by completing and sending the registration form and/or by creating its own profile declares that its personal data has been provided voluntarily and knowingly to the Operator, and that the completed data is correct, up-to-date and accurate, and also, it gives consent, pursuant to Section 4 (3)(d) of the Act on Protection of Personal Data, to the processing of personal data in the database of the Operator for the purposes stated in ARTICLE 2 that refers to this Privacy Policy.
This consent to the processing of personal data is given by the User for an indefinite period of time and can be revoked at any time by emailing such indication of its wishes to the following email address of the Operator:
The Operator undertakes not to sell or otherwise disclose the personal and other data of the User to third parties and undertakes to protect such data by all technical means available pursuant to the Act on Protection of Personal Data, with the exception of data that is freely accessible to all (even unregistered) users or which was published by the User on the forums, in the comments or elsewhere on the Portal and which was not required by the Operator. This protection does not apply if the personal data or other data supplied by the User are required by the competent authorities regulating public order, law enforcement authorities or other competent public authorities in the Slovak Republic, within their jurisdiction.


Final Provisions

The Operator reserves the right to alter, at any time, the above mentioned Privacy Policy at its sole discretion, especially with regard to the modifications of the provided services on the Portal and the related alterations concerning the required scope of the personal data of the User. The Operator is obliged, in an appropriate manner, to give prior notice to the User regarding the modifications made, particularly on the Portal If the User doesn´t, within 30 days of the publication of this notice on the Portal, express his disagreement with the altered Privacy Policy or if the User, within the above mentioned period, logs in the portal, it is understood that the User agrees to the altered Privacy Policy and the further protection of his personal and other data shall be ensured as the altered Privacy Policy shall require. If the User does, within 30 days of the publication of this notice on the Portal, express its disagreement to the Operator regarding the altered Privacy Policy, it is understood that the User has indicated its wishes to terminate the contractual relationship with the Operator and its registration is subsequently canceled.