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Download the application O doprave

and you receive the full information about Slovak roads at one place not only for drivers, but also for cyclists and public transport customers

The application provides the overview of the road obstacles. Look them up in your phone before you start driving. Search for the most suitable route and you will avoid the reported traffic accidents and police patrols. You can contribute to more continuous traffic yourself. You can report delayed driving, traffic restrictions, adverse weather conditions on the roads or any other obstacles through the O doprave application.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

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NSDI odoprave

Application Functions


Reporting an Event

Have you been slowed down by an accident on the road? You can report all traffic incidents, adverse weather conditions, traffic jams, police patrols or other obstacles to the continuous traffic through the application.


Traffic Events

You can see the place where has the traffic event occurred, elapsed time from its origin and the expected delay time.


Linear Views

You can use the linear view to plan your route and stops. It clearly displays traffic events on the route. You can estimate the expected delay in advance.


Find Route

Do you want to know how to get home most effectively? You can choose the fastest or the shortest route, or simply decide according to the current traffic information.


My Favorite

You can save your favorite destinations (locations) to the application. You will get directions by clicking on the my favorite and choose the location (e.g. work, school, home, etc.).


Meteorological Warnings

The application warns you about the potential adverse weather conditions on the roads. You will get to know about the weather conditions which could influence or endanger the safety of your ride.


Public Transport

The map of application allows you to search the nearest train station and other available connections to the specific destination.



If you are a cyclist, you are following the available cyclo-routes. Just click to the offered route and its detail information will be shown.


Event detail
Linear view
Meteorological warnings
Reporting the event
My Favorite
Search the route

Download the application

Available on the App Store and Google Play

App store Google play